Terms and Conditions

As a Parent/Guardian of the child being booked onto a Multi-Sports Camp, Party, Xtreme Event or event, I certify that he/she is in excellent health and has no physical, mental or emotional problems which are likely to prevent participation in strenuous physical play. I give permission for my child to be medically treated for any illness occurring or injury sustained during such participation. I understand that if injury occurs I will be available to pick up my child through contact by the details above.

Multi-Sports is fully insured for any injury sustained (not from the sport/activity) by an attendee at the event as a result of negligence. There is no cover in place for children if they are to sustain injury during any sporting activity.

Places are limited on a first come first served basis. In the event of withdrawal from a place on a camp, refunds will not be available. Multi-Sports camps retains the right to offer alternatives for under-subscribed courses or cancel their camps. Refunds are available if cancelled by Multi-Sports, although the refunded amount will be minus the booking fee. This fee will depend if you are booking through PayPal or the website. 

By booking you give permission for Multi-Sports the option to take photographs of my child whilst at the Multi-Sport camps or events. These photos will be used for promotion on the Multi-Sport website and on social media. If you wish for photographs not to be taken or used for promotion, please contact us stating this.

Multi-Sports collects and uses personal information about Conference Organisers or Delegates in accordance with applicable Data Protection and Privacy laws, including the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Please read the Privacy Statement carefully and contact us if you have any queries. The Privacy Notice explains how Multi-Sports handles your personal information.