Coaching Qualifications

The Multi-Sports Coaching Qualification is delivered through practice-based learning which is obtained through self-regulated volunteering hours. All of the qualifications come with access to head coaches advice and feedback, as well as practice demonstrations and guided teaching. Trainee coaches will also be instructed in how to plan and deliver activities to support participants’ development.

This includes developing the knowledge and skills required to understand participants and to meet their needs. This course will also further learner’s knowledge of the principles of fundamental movement and sport-specific skills.

Experienced coaches are always on-hand to provide innovative approaches to evidence-gathering, including capture of group work and professional discussions, as well as photo and video evidence. The qualifications must be achieved in order to ensure a Level 3 coach has met all the criteria for Level 1 and Level 2


Multi-Sports Coaching Qualification Brochure

Multi-Sports Coaching Qualification Scheme of Work

Qualification Documents

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