School Coaching Cumbria

Progress, differentiation and engagement should be key to all Physical Education teaching!

Here at Multi-Sports, we’re not the same as other coaching programmes. What sets us apart is that we identify the importance of differentiating our activity sessions, showing progress throughout and engaging each student. We’re not about mass activities or unproductive events. We’re all about improvement and development of each child.

At Multi-Sports, our educational coaches use a Bronze, Silver and Gold system to rate activities, effort, and advancement. Why do we call our staff educational coaches? Because we look to educate the students, not just coach them. Therefore, we make sure that numeracy, literacy and fundamentals skills are at the core of each lesson.

The educational coaches inspire children to develop their skills further and achieve success through maximum involvement and encouraged competition. Multi-Sports have a strong educational philosophy which inspires the children to understand and learn the wider implications that Physical Education offers. 

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